About the Academy

The International Academy of Sciences: an educational platform that offers programs, training courses, consultations, and research using modern scientific methods.

Develop your skills, expand the horizons of your mind, and develop your creative performance

Vision and mission

Our vision:

A distinguished academy in education, training, research and consulting that is committed to spreading and producing knowledge, supporting sustainable development and contributing to building a knowledge society.

Our message:

Providing high-quality and accredited educational and training programs in various branches of knowledge.
Creating a stimulating environment for education, training and intellectual creativity.
Preparing competencies and leaders of equal qualifications that meet the needs of the labor market.
Developing knowledge, research and innovation, and supporting and producing creative research that contributes to the enrichment of knowledge.
Providing community services that contribute to building the knowledge economy through the optimal use of technology and the use of the latest administrative, informational and entrepreneurial methods.
Activate the local and global partnership to rise to global leadership.

Who Are We

Since its inception in 2006, it has assumed its responsibilities entrusted to the preparation and training of highly qualified scientific and practical human cadres and competencies to manage public and private institutions, and its continuous role in restructuring and developing sciences, concepts, plans, policies and methods of management curricula to represent guiding lines for the thinking of entrepreneurs and decision makers in business organizations, With what the International Academy of Administrative and Real Estate Sciences offers in terms of qualifying and training programs, consultations, research, excellent services, and an investment-friendly structure, to raise the levels of performance, creativity, and thinking in an independent and creative way in various business sectors.

Where the Academy is keen on establishing strong relations with major universities and leading training and professional development companies in administrative development, whether at the international or Arab level with its geographical and historical extension, based on the principle of continuous development in line with the latest developments locally and globally to achieve the administrative boom that makes it always in Introduction to global administrative organizations through their constructive programs.

Our accreditation

Obtaining the accreditation of the Knowledge and Human Development Authority in Dubai in the United Arab Emirates, and the accreditation of the National Qualifications Authority, is one of the most important pillars in implementing its programs and obtaining accredited certificates, and it has contributed through faculty members and specialists in planning, designing and preparing programs and measuring them in accordance with standards of practice According to scientific foundations, linking the academic knowledge side with the professional practical side to develop scientific and practical capabilities, in a manner that serves the requirements of the labor market. Quality assurance in professional outputs.

The Academy’s interest comes in achieving its mission in developing professional fields, and strengthening the bonds of scientific and professional cooperation in line with the Academy’s policy of expanding education, training and scientific research by making several joint scientific agreements with major international universities and prestigious training and development companies.

Our experiences

لدى الأكاديمية العديد من الإنجازات في كافة الدول العربية، حيث صنفت كواحدة من أفضل الأكاديميات في الشرق الأوسط، ولديها المزيد لتقدمه في المستقبل

Academy history and facts about us


Our achievements over time


Dr.Muhammad Al-Saadani

Academy President

Dr. Muslim Ibrahim

Vice President of the Academy


Dr. Abdullah Al-Sharif

المستشار القانوني

MRS. Wafaa Al-Faleh

Education quality consultant

MRS. Jihan Mutlaq Al-Turki

Education technology and quality consultant

Dr. Fahd Salama

Financial and legal advisor

MR. Abdul Rahman Batarfi

Financial and legal advisor

Dr. Bakhit Al-Naqr

Studies and English language advisor